SEOUL FILM FESTIVAL official poster

Here there is the poster commissioned by a festival , In Korea.

It was composed creating several 3d models, and combining them together .

I believe it given an innovative image to the festival…

At least, I think so, but it was very funny to make it!

I Also included the first version of the poster.. for sure more “messy”, in terms of graphic design, but much more expressive and close to the complexity of futurist art..

And also closer, for my western provincial eyes, to what could be an Asian Metropolis like Seoul, featuring modernity and historical building , present, future and past close to each others..

Something that we will never have in Italy, probably.. But very charming, in my eyes.
A poster I made for Senef 2007 (seoul film festival).

Here, under, the first version (and of course, I like it better, but nobody understand me).
Seoul Film Festival also committed me the pilot film for the festival.
It was an honor , I like that decision, since by choosing me this planet got a bit better.
Besides jokes, I understand that as a poster needs to be simple, for readability, and the first version, even if is more captivating, is a bit too complex to clearly show the festival logo and dates.

The official poster from Seoul Film Festival
Seul film festival, the alternative version, well, actually, the first one