Concert video scenography - Rachmaninov

big sea horse waves

This set design was realized combining several pieces of animation on the notes of Maria Pia Carola piano, performing Rachmaninov's "Etudes Tableaux op 39".
Both executions had to be performed "live" : the pianist was playing , i was mixing and transforming my 3d animation pieces previously elaborated for the event.
The final results would be delivered by connecting 3 different projectors to a vj dedicated workstation, using retro projection techniques and standard set design equipment.
The public is surrounded by a continuous flux of images and music.

intro animation for festival (SENEF)

seoul 3d animation

A 25 seconds animation commissioned By Senef (Seoul Film Festival) as opening video for the various screening sessions.
This animation is much brighter and colorful than Futurist Toys, also, the dark sky was replaced by a much brighter background, to express better the atmosphere of joy and amusement of the event.
For the same event, it was created also the poster, that You can see above.

The Maya Illusion

maya ruins

The World is gonna finish in 2012.

This is what some people said , that is gonna happen, cause Maya people said so.

I think that this mysterious civilization just got lazy in writing numbers in the calendar.

And i Actually understand them.

I get lazy too, if I’m designing a website for a client, and i have to divide the content in base to Year, month, to keep writing those numbers..

But well, we will see..

Anyway, this was a generative painting, inspired by Mayan architecture..

I Hope you like

Digital Nativity Christmas Scene

comete, digital creche

An immersive digital animation installation about Christmas Nativity, a digital crib realized with revolutionary style.

There is an old Christian tradition, in Italy, about making , during Christmas period , a Nativity scene using little statues representing the Holy Family (Maria, Joseph, and new born Jesus) in their hut and all the local people from Bethlehem , following the comet star visiting them, to see their new born Messiah.

Evolution: generative based animation

evolution generative painting

An animation created for a video installation and personal exhibition , talking about the circle of the evolution of our civilization and the ending of itself, for a new start.

Talking about cycles of history, and the constant repeating of events about civilization, starting , evolving, being dominating the world, falling, and starting again.

Creating this animation involved creating first a huge series of mixed generative 3d and digital painted pieces, manually textured, and partially modified (using mainly compositing) to recreate my vision.

“Inizio dalla Fine” , video installation for theatre

real time theatrical installation

A real time video installation for live action theater.
I first prepared some video tracks, then I mixed in real time during the show following the living actions on the stage.
Mixed expressive languages, visual and sounds.
The show was held in Rome, directed by Maria Elena Masetti Zannini and Antonella Accettura.
If You like italian language, You can try to watch the video, is quite experssive, and the language is aulic .
The poster wasen’t made by me.

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