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The crocodile on the balcony

First attempt with the freedom of movements with a monorail camera, italian fatif ds.

 The effects you can archieve by using movements are impressive Lens used is not even super fast, as f5.6.

The crocodile pillow is from my girl, you can get similar things here

the crocodile on the balcony

Haunted Railway

An xray picture of the railway. Mentor reflex, 4x5 very over exposed, but artistic, I would say



One of my favourite place, where I never stepped in - burke and james 4x5 , symmar 180mm, hand cutted xray very expired ferrania film


Countryside mini landscape

A mini hill, that I could climb even carrying my mentor studio reflex 4x5 - trioplan 210 -3.5 . Handheld (on the knees), on xray ferrania film


Trip to the crocodile bay

Very exciting, but 100% safe!

Photo taken in Diaccia Botrona, near Castiglion della Pescaia (Grosseto) with a "press" camera (camera for journalists, in the years 40-50) Burke and James speed press, 4x5 film format on medical x-ray plate


Analogue and digital photography: Quality

selfie by charles baudelarie

note: I have to update the translation, this comes straight from bing translator, please be patient, no don’t go mad, there’s plenty to read on the internet!

Photography, like all techniques, has undergone countless innovations and changes over the years.

Usually, when it comes to innovation, we talk about advantages from the point of view of usability and quality.

With photography, the most obvious evolutionary advantages of the last 70-80 years have certainly been in terms of ergonomics, portability and ease of sharing of the visual material produced.

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