Burke & James

Burke & James Inc. Chicago was a manufacturer and importer of cameras and lenses.
They designed and built cameras such as optical bench, technical press cameras for photo journalists, cameras for the reproduction of fingerprints, reticles, for the portrait, equipment for the graphic arts, photographic lenses, sinks for the dark room and other things.
Many of their products seem to have been distributed with different brand names such as Rexo, Watson and Ingento.

LETOH HOTEL (countryside hotel)

People come, people leave. 
Burke&James 4x5 Press Camera , ferrania x-ray film, schneider kreuznach180 5.6 at F8

countryside hotel on xray film


One of my favourite place, where I never stepped in - burke and james 4x5 , symmar 180mm, hand cutted xray very expired ferrania film


Trip to the crocodile bay

Very exciting, but 100% safe!

Photo taken in Diaccia Botrona, near Castiglion della Pescaia (Grosseto) with a "press" camera (camera for journalists, in the years 40-50) Burke and James speed press, 4x5 film format on medical x-ray plate

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