Analog urban Field

Another urban field, on the background a nice building. This time took with a tiny olympus om-1 , zuiko 50mm 1,4 - konica centuria 100 expired in 2002 cross processed in rodinal 1:100 - scanned with epson perfection 4990 Stand development, 1 hr 30 min 3,5 ml rodinal


natural colors - suburban landscape

a c41 roll developed in rodinal, a classic black and white developer.. some of the photos retained some strange colors, and didn't feel like to convert in black and white, since i find this very dreamy and poetic.. Stand development, 1 hr 30 min 3,5 ml rodinal


Guilty dog - dachshund

Slightly melancholic and dreamy, probably just guilty for something he just did.

Or hoping to steal the pizza from my hands.

My dog, portrait-ed with an old c41 film developed in rodinal, olympus om-1 , zuiko 50mm 1.4


The small square picture - zeiss ikon taxona

taxona, tuscan house

A little series taken with a Zeiss Ikon Taxona . A peculiarity of this camera is that it snaps square 24x24 mm pictures, resembling the proportions of the 60x60mm medium format film, so much loved by the fans of Hasselblad.


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