The Sunday Painters

A digital painting about a popular art exhibition in Grosseto (Tuscany, Italy, my city, or big town) Called “Primavera Maremmana), held by mostly “Sunday painters”: artists that are not necessarily earning their living by their “Art”, and they’re not even trying to.

What moves them, is mostly the passion for art, and for the beautiful landscapes that surround them.

The picture illustrate the environment about that art fair: the nice paintings, the natural jealousy between local artists , each one saying (including ME) : “well, of course I’m the Best one, and EVERYBODY knows!!”

And, then , of course, what brings there most of the people : free wine you get , and delicious salami, ham, and wild-boar sausage. But, even if a bit naive, and far from the big “art” circuit , I really love this environment , and I think it really helps living people more calmly.

Here a little film i made, to show the detail of the paint, on the song from “Paolo conte” : Pittori della domenica.

Here they are , along the roads, as they were looking for secret shores. Wives at home … always angry for a few hours have been repudiated; Generally speaking, their eyes make them look as good people often naive and a bit childish there is always in them a bit of drama and only their mother can understand them. Sunday painters … … There they were, with watchful eyes, to gather himself a thousand pieces scattered around for eternity by a particular sensitivity … -Now comes this heavenly evil. But no, it’s the memory of yours, of your storms – There is always a bit of their scene of love and death like a swing.

sunday painters