Russian Avant - Garde Video

Produced by Marc Bertrand.

Production Agency :National Film Board of Canada.

Russian avant garde is a term that aims to cover the art produced in Russia ( actually the Russian Empire, or the Soviet Union ) between 1890 and 1930 ...

although some place its beginning as early as 1850 and its end as late as 1960.

The term covers many separate, but inextricably related, art movements that occurred at the time; namely Neo-primitivism, suprematism, constructivism, and futurism.

Even is the Ideal are quite different from those expressed in Italian Futurism, it is quite impossible not noticing visual similarities and simply not admiring these artworks.

Most of film related to this form of art were produced for Propaganda : spreading and consolidating the image of the empire in Russian Citizens.

Even if the scope of Propaganda wasn't in-line with moderns democratic values , I believe that the art produced was simply astonishing , and have been a pioneer in modern visual communication - advertisement techniques.

The film published on this page is not actually a real propaganda product..

since is produced by the National Film Board of Canada ..

but it features the graphics used during the period and entertains the views by interesting motion graphics - musical synesthesia.

Here, an actual poster from Russian Propaganda: