“Inizio dalla Fine” , video installation for theatre

real time theatrical installation

A real time video installation for live action theater.
I first prepared some video tracks, then I mixed in real time during the show following the living actions on the stage.
Mixed expressive languages, visual and sounds.
The show was held in Rome, directed by Maria Elena Masetti Zannini and Antonella Accettura.
If You like italian language, You can try to watch the video, is quite experssive, and the language is aulic .
The poster wasen’t made by me.


ebollizione caffè

Video installation -theme: coffee - Percolation (in the classic italian moka). 

Created for Macef (Fiera di Milano) , promotional area, physical installation by: Studio Lariani and Marco Maiocchi, 20 January 2006 Some images:


 SUPERSTITION digital painting

I'm from a country where people are indeed quite superstitious.

Most of the time it is funny. Sometimes less.

But whatever, I just found this old picture I made, so I'm happy to publish and share with the world. I think that it will bring me luck. 

Growing older, I realized that sometimes the beliefs, legends, superstitions have some element of truth, and should be regarded with respect.


maremma tuscany futurist

My own vision about my homeland, a land with sun, poetry, smells, wild boars


miniere creative

Despite I've been a REAL professor at Universities and art academy, I think that often the educational system is more focused about making money on students hopes, than guarantying them a real future...

 That's why, several years ago, I wrote this short ironical piece about an hypothetical Master Class called "creative mines" .

It's sounds almost too real to be a joke :

Have You ever been embarrassed when someone asks you: hey You, what is your job? I mean, how do You get a living? Are you not tired to respond: "well, I make things, I see people?"


Wildboars come often to Grosseto, my city. And they can be very good friends to us. They also taste very good , if prepared well. People here crash their cars on them, on purpouse, if one cross their road. Lovely, and hairy.

The essential element for the formation of a Tuscan artist is undoubtedly the boar: during the child development, it hardens the artist's physique, in the melee-related struggles relating to survival.

Then, once acquired the awareness of wanting to make art, it provides excellent bristles for the creation of captivating pictorial works.


saturday fever

A "grotesque" but debonaire "fresco" of an italian tradition (developed specially in small citys) : "LO STRUSCIO" (ispired by GROTZ artworks). It means that nearly everybody , young and old people goes taking a walk IN THE SAME ancien main street, everybody around the same time (late saturday afternoon, around 5-6 o' clock) , Usually hoping to meet someone... That means that is gonna be hard walking in that street for tourists! Since the paint is pretty large (135x170 cm) I published also a few pictures with details.


Atomic Radiation

An ancient work of 2002 (to which I am particularly fond).

This video, created in the context of the Erasmus period at the Teiath in Athens was then used in Japan as a promo of a new commercial area of Fukuoka (Island City).

Entirely 2d, a moving painting.

The beginning of the human civilization-development-the crisis and again a new beginning... just to help people thinking that we are a blink of an eye in the eternity of the universe... and we have the power to destroy only ourselves... nothing else.

I'll let you guess the meaning.


musical art

In this page a collection (to be updated) of funny things posted on facebook, to promote my page and becoming VIRAL. Later, I decided other Virus are easier to spread, and I became lazy about my massive brand promotion. And just becoming Claudio Castelli, an excentric but fashinating artist. But still, kurageart and the jellyfish is flying half in the sky.


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