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A digital Horizon

I’m absolutely not judging anyone who makes the use of these techniques, I did myself, and I think I will continue to do so, since is it actually quite funny.

To make money with digital art, without altering the main innovation, namely the infinite reproducibility offered by it, it is absolutely necessary to work “on Commission”: find customers, individuals, Popes or emperors, or just Government willing to subsidize your talent, or, If You can accept compromises, willing to use your talent to realize their visions.

For example, I worked with theatre, creating projective scenographic following the action, or in musical performances, creating sensory atmospheres going together with the orchestra rythm, or conducting virtual immersive environments through panels, screenings and music at events, or festivals, commissioned by public institutions.

Or I created various exhibitions, funded also by institutions, which were the occasion to craft most of my works. Clearly having fully decision power about the techniques and style used. Basically, that’s what it happened with the music industry: with the advent of mp3 players, digital purchase, and the ease of duplication, the “classical” old fashion disco-graphic distribution had heavy losses, and the gain of the artists for each song sold on digital platforms is almost ridicolous.

Moreover, it is increasingly easy to download entire discographies online using not so legit techniques available to anyone.

So basically, the bands earn with concerts and live events: fans are willing to pay to be face to face with the artist they, and being immersed in their music played very loud .

This kind of big events in the music industry, in my opinion can’t be called concerts anymore… They are more la music show, where the music is supported by a strong electronic set design, by led, lasers, holograms, 3d projections, and any new instrument that the technique is making available.

I would honestly love to work in these events, first of all for the HUGE budget this shows can raise… And the possibility of using limitless features to showcase my art… unfortunately, artistic – experimental theater show usually have a very low budget, and is necessary to use so many compromises to reach something similar to what we have in our mind. But this is another history.

This is definitely the ideal working condition, but it requires a huge work of promoting your artist’s figure, participation and selection at hundreds of festivals, knowing the right people, and produce high-quality works, showcased in all the world.

Sometimes, however, the client requires different styles and art languages preferred by him, conveyed in a very specific message (so we are talking here about commercials, or multimedia products for conferences, conventions, stands or whatnot ) It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth of “subversion” and succumbing to economic need, or not.

Another way of earning, mainly used by popoular youtube – internet artists, is to sell from your site merchandising of your creations …Puppets, tshirt, mugs, underwear .. whatever. Here too, of course, you’ll need a certain notoriety, before anyone will be interested in t-shirts or toys with your characters. This system is used mostly by the filmmaker, or from those who create animation for entertainment … not exactly by ” crazy romantic artists” … but after all, what is an artist? Another system, provided that you have people interested in your work and your style,is holding University or private courses about your style, or the techniques You are using. Clearly, in this case, you should try to be, when required, as much “neuters” as possible and to teach basically the technical gimmicks and not impose your sick artistic conception on students, unless specifically required by the course or by the students themselves. Mostly, You have to help them developing their own sick visions. This actually gives, also, quite nice feelings, sometimes Then of course, you can always hope that someone interested in your works, wants to make a generous donation, which can be perhaps encouraged by the distribution of gadgets or prints of your work for any offer superior to X: for example, if your expressive language is the animation, you might say: “For anyone who donates at least X euro, will receive a dvd authenticated or certified printing one frame of animation etc..” Then there are, especially abroad, many colleges that support with specific workshops and dedicated digital art campus, offering residency programs and whatnot … That said, there are past, what is offered is usually a shelter, for limited periods, renewable, sometimes maybe Board, a pc, but I certainly do not think of living in luxury … (Then, of course, I hope that there are exceptions, but honestly I’m not aware of them). The best thing about this choice, is that you are gonna live in very stimulating environments, where you can meet people sharing your own goals. Other system, again, is clearly to be subsidized, for your project from your homeland, or to structures like Mediadesk Europe. I, honestly, never succeeded … but I think it’s possible … somebody I know they made it… but I have no idea how they did … There are tons of paperwork to fill out, and what is offered are basically refunds spent on materials, equipment and people paid for the realization of your project. I forgot about the more and more fashionable “fundraising” … And, if You’re working in 3d, about using a 3d printer – or a 3d printer service , and making your characters “real”. You are free to comment, with suggestions and comments, and even to criticize the crudity with which I broached this subject. Please notice that I’m not living in new York, but in a small italian city, so, something I said might sound extremely naive… but well.. this is my experience I intend to update the page if I get some new ideas:)