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The Ownership

And when you will post the picture on your website, automatically, no matter what resolution you’ ll use, you will share this beautiful creation with ANYBODY.
Then: how to earn with digital art? It takes so much ingenuity.

The most widespread system, used increasingly by digital artists, art dealers and art houses, is to undermine in any way the infinite Reproducibile nature of digital art ,trying to assimilate the artwork as much as possible to those coming from traditional art media, in these ways: Producing a certification, in golden letters, that this artwork, maybe printed on a “precious” material, will have a maximum number of X copies, all the same sizes, sold exclusively by Gallery X, and that it will come along with a certificate of authenticity , a serial number , and the author’s signature on the back.

This modus operandi is not new in the art market, if we think of about lithography and xylography (woodcut) or even just about photography. Regarding a “video”, things get even more difficult: normally a video, or image sequence, it can be sold on dvd or blu ray, or vhs, laserdisc etc etc, and likely, probably to compensate the cheap nature of the media used, it will come with a precious cover signed by the delicate author’s hand, for example, or more and more often they will be sold the individual frames, as individual prints / limited edition (exactly as digital images). I personally would like the way of selling a whole installation composed by a tv and my video running forever, to hang to the wall or to be collocated in the middle of rich people living rooms, when using a beautiful old fashion cathodic retro-projection tv such as this one:

Another way might be to “hybridize” the digital nature of the artwork with analog elements … Starting from a digital base, that, once printed, can be processed by hand , using strokes, glue, trash or whatever to produce a “unique” and COLLECTIBLE piece.

painting metropolis city

This is an example: is an artwork called “Western Sunset” created as a collage of digital printed works on Masonite, modified with analog brushstrokes, so totally unique. These “tricks” are based, however, on the willing to re-conduct the digital artistic processes to the traditional ones, and honestly, I do not believe that they will truly innovate the art market.

This will be only a transitory step, needed to fullify the human-collector ownership instinct toward something similar to what we would expect: an unique, or almost, art piece.