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The infinite reproducibility

arte digitale_illusione maya

Looking instead for example at “maya illusion” by the famous digital artist Claudio Castelli (me), reproduced on this page, You are enjoying the REAL thing: this artwork was designed as an “image”, not bound to a specific media: it will continue to have its function on the screen of your pc, projected on a wall, printed on a postcard, a poster, a rigid support such as forex, a sheet of aluminum, canvas, photo paper, a t shirt, a cup and whatever.

Much better than going to Amsterdam Van Gohg musem, isn’t ? Well… So basically, you cannot “OWN”, or at least, you won’t be the only one to possess it, unless you buy (for an extremely high amount of money) all the processing work file, from the initial 3d modeling, to all the intermediate stages of painting and digital retouching, and you have to make sure that I will delete every file from my computer.