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The uniqueness factor in art

What really differentiates the traditional media, from the electronic, is the lack, for the second, of the “uniqueness” factor .

The contemporary art system, is increasingly oriented to the affirmation of the value of the object – art piece being sold.

Human nature and the logic of the market, attributes a certain value to resources in base of their availability .

The gold is worth more than the iron, mainly due to its rarity, and the difficulty to find it.

The same can be done clearly for art: through the purchase of a painting, a sculpture, or of a author listed, for example, the collector may hang at home an unique, irreproducible (or at least, reproducible …

hardly enough there are so-called fakes, and forgeries) piece (he will OWN a piece of the Artist Soul).

Then He is going to improve his social status, receives the admiration of everyone who will visit him, and will make an investment, because probably, over time, He might be able to resell the purchased art work at an higher price that what he paid to increase the prestige of the author, or lower or zero, often decrease in commercial author listing (there are countless economic dynamics in the art market impossible to tackle in this article).

But produces digital art works, the ability of the medium itself, endlessly reproduced, and valid in being in the middle of use: to explain better, looking at such as “Van Gogh ‘s sunflowers”, on this page, you will not see the work “sunflowers” by Van Gogh, but a reproduction it, usable on your screens (or at least, if you decide to print it on an a4 sheet).

van gogh dipinto
The Vangogh Sun Flowers for free, Just for You! If You subscribe and like

It sounds quite cruel, but having it on your monitor, or printed on a piece of paper, you will not be rich, and you will not improve your social status: the work in question was conceived on canvas, created by the brush.