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The role of digital art

Art is certainly all of this, art is playing and has always played , especially, the role of “communicating”.

Let’s think about the function of the pyramids, or the greatness of Ancient Rome: Art had the task of transmitting the greatness of a civilization.

Just think of the frescoes in Italian churches , created from the middle ages to the modern era: art has the role to communicate the greatness of God, and to immerse believers in a sort of virtual Heaven (or Hell, sometimes) …

It is in some way created a virtual experience, that immerse the viewer in an ultra-terrain world, where he would hopefully and happily go after death.

Digital art, continues to play this role of communicator, going to produce audiovisual art pieces, sensory experiences, playful content, music, or simply static images.

Now, many of the works produced using these techniques up to a very recent period , based their communication goal in highlight the relationship between the human kind and the machine, between man and technology, man and the computer.

Others seems to promote some sort of self-reference to the medium itself, and the new technical possibility….also, for example, in paintings produced during the renaissance many works seemed to “glorify” the perspective, more than anything else.

Still others, arise from inner passions of the author, who simply wants to express in his work its inner movements.

Other works, are aimed at communication of an idea, concept, and often are catalogued in the role of “short films” , “animated films” , advertising .