How to earn money with digital art?


How to earn money with digital art? Hard to answer.

That’s why it is nice to investigate.

I think I’m dealing with this article, about an hot topic for many digital artists (or electronic) , clearly including also myself.

The digital art system, while using as a “Palette” (or main instrument) to build from scratch or modify an artwork, a single PC or a several computer farms, is not too far away, conceptually, from the system of traditional art.

Both systems (digital and analog) they are basically trying to communicate an experience to the viewers of the work.

Forget for now the “romantic” aspect of art, i.e. that definition, born in romantic period, mainly with the philosopher “Friedrich Shelling” that attaches to art the role to bring the vortices unrelenting monsters of passions and inner movements of the artist to his creation.