Large Format Photography

large format artistic photography

A series of images obtained with large format cameras.
"Large" is anything that goes beyond the medium format, which uses a film of 6 cm wide (the "classic" 35mm format uses a film of only 24mm in wide!).
I usually shot in the American size 4 "x 5" (about 10x12cm), cause I like the squarish ratio, 9x12cm (European version of the american 4x5 , intercheangeable by using the right holder in modern 4x5 or 9x12 cameras) , 13x18cm, 5 "x7" using self-built or antique machines.

Caffenol : like biscuits dipped into the coffee

binari caffenol

he results did not leave me fully satisfied in terms of quality. Photos developed, probably improperly, were extremely dense, and only decent for scanning.

Also, surely, because they are C41 rolls (color, expired) processed in a black and white chemistry (homecrafted).

With a bew black and white film, like foma , used in the medium-format "squared" examples, the results have drastically improved.

But the stench remains, and causes domestic conflicts.

These experiments  have anyway some charm, and it was definitely fun.

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