review on "shift magazine" (Japan)

This is an excellent piece of work. It is a good sample of futurism, cubism and expressionism. It creates new animation with picturesque reference, this work is abundant with color, expression and modern music.

It enables people to imagine the 'Metropolis - Fritz Lang' also the color and material from Paul Gauguin & Georges Rouault.

Eventually this is beautiful work that people fall into artistic interest.

From Maria Komodore, about indipendent exposure animation edition 2007

...Startle Pattern, by Eric Patrick, and Giocattoli Futuristi, by Claudio Castelli, are extraordinarily adventurous in their representations.

Patrick's short explores the state of spectatorship today by making its clay protagonist abandon his film-enclosed world and confront his creator.

Berlinale talent Campus

ebruary 2009 ! yahuu I was selected for the seventh edition of the Talent Campus of the Berlin Film Festival as a Digital Artist. Honor and glory therefore, but with them great responsibility. All the pounds of free paper I received had to be thrown at the airport, as they did not come in hand luggage.

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