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Restoring Digital Art : it gets OLD so fast!

cecilia gomez restaururaion

As an electronic artist, I often faced the same fact with my creation, specially with videos: for example, the software I was using ages ago is not available anymore, and maybe my video resolution in 1998 was like 320 x 240 (very fine for those times)...


and now it haves to confront with streaming full hd content.

now 4K

And I cannot re-render it...

Digital art, a definition

magma - generative art

Digital art, is nothing much more than a connotation, almost mirror-like, of electronic art.


Quite simply, it indicates the art created on a computer, or that use, non-trivially, the computer to manipulate and edit an forms art piece.

Compared to electronic art, has a slightly narrower meaning, as it tends to indicate projects having an independent life directly inside of the PC.

Net Art, shared art creation

net art

Net Art (often confused with the Web Art), is characterized by a strong sharing spirit , interactivity, and gives to Art an Absolutely public role.

Moves away from the hopelessly romantic notion of art as an expression of the genius of the author, to latch on to the archaic values of the community, and the work of art as a collective vision of a group of people.

Arts and Media, Digital art and computer, poetry and paper: an useless and redundant controversy

italian sausages, butcher paper

A sheet of paper can be used in various ways : To write a shopping list, for example . Or to wrap the eggs.

Or again, to write a poem, or make a sketch .

We live in an age of relativism , in which everything can be everything. .

So maybe , brandishing the butcher's bill , and placing it within a frame, in the context of a show, someone will say " this is art ."

Periodo Digital - Depero - an older digital animation

Eduardo Pla

Today I was really feeling curious about other futurism inspired 3d Artist.

This video digital Clip, from Eduardo Pla -  seems one of the earliest attempt to transpose the Fortunato Depero Paintings to a Digital 3d environment , and I must say that for the period (1992) is quite impressive, technically speaking. 

At that time, Pixar was coming out with things like this: 

1 video: pixar

web art

generative art - waves

Web art is nothing else than an evolution (or rather, an integration ) of what was called " electronic art " in the 60's :


electronic art had the prerogative to make creative use of that period media .. so , in this case , basically just the television.

Web art does nothing more than following the technological evolution, and uses the digital language the web as media .


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