Vulci, the devil's bridge

I'm sure they are many Devil's Bridge out there. I guess people fear bridges, for good reason. This one is cute . Took with kiev 6c, zodiak 30mm fisheye

vulci dal ponte del diavolo

The bus shelter

An urban totem, took on photo paper - kiev 88, volna3

bus stop, art photography

Haunted Railway

An xray picture of the railway. Mentor reflex, 4x5 very over exposed, but artistic, I would say


Rustic House

on rustic film! (mentor studio 4x5, trioplan 210 3,5 , xray film)


cactus pear symphony

Many figues, a wall - self made photographic paper 120 roll, kiev 88, volna 3


Christmas Flora

Well, there is a winter hat on that plant, even if is hard to see. Trust me, is there, and I haven't placed it myself. It was there. So, this is defenetly a Christmas Picture! Merry Christmas, or, for politically correct people, just Happy Merry Holydays! Took with a kiev 88 , vega 28b, foma 100 film. Scanned as a "color negative", and left it in colors, since black and white is not black and white for real. But this is another story



3d illustration by giuseppe arcimboldo

Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1526 or 1527 – July 11, 1593) was a Manierist Italian painter, mostly know for creating human portraits composing various elements from the nature or everyday life , arranged in such a way that their ensemble were constituting a recognizable portrait.
More info on our beloved wikipedia..
Here I simply played with some 3d software (i think it was Maya) to recreate somehow his art, also thinking about the possibility of animating the sculpture, someday..


 SUPERSTITION digital painting

I'm from a country where people are indeed quite superstitious.

Most of the time it is funny. Sometimes less.

But whatever, I just found this old picture I made, so I'm happy to publish and share with the world. I think that it will bring me luck. 

Growing older, I realized that sometimes the beliefs, legends, superstitions have some element of truth, and should be regarded with respect.


Wildboars come often to Grosseto, my city. And they can be very good friends to us. They also taste very good , if prepared well. People here crash their cars on them, on purpouse, if one cross their road. Lovely, and hairy.

The essential element for the formation of a Tuscan artist is undoubtedly the boar: during the child development, it hardens the artist's physique, in the melee-related struggles relating to survival.

Then, once acquired the awareness of wanting to make art, it provides excellent bristles for the creation of captivating pictorial works.

Restoring Digital Art : it gets OLD so fast!

cecilia gomez restaururaion

As an electronic artist, I often faced the same fact with my creation, specially with videos: for example, the software I was using ages ago is not available anymore, and maybe my video resolution in 1998 was like 320 x 240 (very fine for those times)...


and now it haves to confront with streaming full hd content.

now 4K

And I cannot re-render it...


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