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Modern photography

Photography evolution for casual shutter. The fiat panda becomes a beautiful frame to it

modern photography using a mobile phone

Minimal parking

A stable parking,

less is more.

A mobile picture, edited in snapseed to have this nice film - tilt shift look.

alternative parking

Electric Poles bridge on the river

Dramatic Landscape,  Too much drama - Asus zenmax , super resolution mode, snapseed

countryside and river with electric poles

Almost beautiful landscape

An ordinary countryside, not like on adverts
// Asus zenmax, super resolution mode

campagna quasi bella

Diaccia Botrona, tuscan swamp

 Beautiful swamp in my area /Asus zenmax - processed in snapseed


Classic Cow

Ordinary cows you can meet . Luckily behind a fence. Cows are vegans, but while they are little they drink cow milk. So, better not trusting them so much.


Another Christmas vision

Same hat as the previous picture, but this time taken on my phone

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